Sutton Hoo overview
Modern name(s) Sutton Hoo
Region Europe
Section British Isles
Latitude 52.08969051 N suggest info
Longitude 1.338808 E
Status Accurate location
Info Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, is the site of two Anglo-Saxon cemeteries of the 6th century and early 7th century. One contained an undisturbed ship burial including a wealth of Anglo-Saxon artefacts of outstanding art-historical and archaeological significance, which are now held in the British Museum in London. Other sites before then had already produced significant finds, but many had been looted.

Sutton Hoo is of a primary importance to early medieval historians because it sheds light on a period of English history which is on the margin between myth, legend and historical documentation. Use of the site culminated at a time when Rædwald, the ruler of East Anglia, held senior power among the English people, and played a dynamic if ambiguous part in the establishment of Christian rulership in England; it is generally thought most likely that he is the person buried in the ship. The site has been vital in understanding the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of East Anglia and the whole early Anglo-Saxon period.
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52.089691, 1.338808 === 52.089691 N, 1.338808 E === 52° 5' 22.9" N, 1° 20' 19.7" E
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