Anuradhapura overview
Region Asia : India : Settlements
Section Sri Lanka
Latitude 8.34974532 N suggest info
Longitude 80.40233315 E
Status Accurate location
Info Anuradhapura is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preserved ruins of ancient Lankan civilization.

Although according to historical records the city was founded in the 5th century BC, the archaeological data put the date as far back as the 10th century BCE. Very little evidence was available about the period before the 5th century BCE, though excavations have revealed information about the earlier inhabitants of the city.

Further excavations in Anuradhapura have uncovered information about the existence of a protohistoric habitation of humans in the citadel. The protohistoric Iron Age which spans from 900 to 600 BCE, marked the appearance of iron technology, pottery, the horse, domestic cattle and paddy cultivation. In the time period 700 to 600 BCE the settlement in Anuradhapura had grown over an area of at least 50 ha. The city was strategically situated of major ports northwest and northeast, it was surrounded by irrigable and fertile land. The city was also buried deep in the jungle providing natural defence from invaders.

The Lower Early Historic period, spanning from 500 to 250 BC, is studied on the lines of the chronicles. During this time King Pandukabhaya formally planned the city, with gates, quarters for traders etc. The city at the time would have covered an area of 1 square kilometre which makes it one of the largest in the continent at the time.
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8.349745, 80.402333 === 8.349745 N, 80.402333 E === 8° 20' 59.1" N, 80° 24' 8.4" E
Related site Anuradhapura, Jetavanaramaya stupa, circa 250 m (273 yd) north-east
Nearest sites Brihadeeswarar Temple, circa 304.3 km (189.1 mi) north-west
Kaveri puhum pattinam, Poompuhar, Puhar, circa 316 km (196.4 mi) north
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