Phaselis overview
Region Anatolia
Latitude 36.52378894 N suggest info
Longitude 30.55216485 E
Status Accurate location
Info The town was set up by the Rhodians in 700 BCE. Because of its location on an isthmus separating two harbours, it became the most important harbour city of the western Lycia and an important centre of commerce between Greece, Asia, Egypt, and Phoenicia, although it did not belong to the Lycian League. The city was captured by Persians after they conquered Asia Minor, and was later captured by Alexander the Great.

After the death of Alexander, the city remained in Egyptian hands from 209 BCE to 197 BCE, under the dynasty of Ptolemaios, and with the conclusion of the Apamea treaty, was handed over to the Kingdom of Rhodes, together with the other cities of Lycia. From 190 BCE to 160 BCE it remained under Rhodeian hegemony, but after 160 BCE it was absorbed into the Lycian confederacy under Roman rule. Phaselis, like Olympos, was under constant threat from pirates in the 1st century BCE, and the city was even taken over by the pirate Zekenites for a period until his defeat by the Romans. In 42 BCE Brutus had the city linked to Rome. During the Byzantine period, the city became a bishopric, although in the 3rd century CE, its convenient harbor had fallen under the threat of pirates once again.
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36.523789, 30.552165 === 36.523789 N, 30.552165 E === 36° 31' 25.6" N, 30° 33' 7.8" E
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