Marathos overview
Other name(s) Amrit
Region Levant
Section Northern Levant
Latitude 34.83883044 N suggest info
Longitude 35.90712555 E
Status Accurate location
Info The site was an ancient Phoenician city located near Tartus in Syria. Founded in the third millennium BCE and abandoned during the second century BCE, the city's Phoenician ruins have been preserved in their entirety without extensive remodeling by later generations.
published 1954
Excavations of the site principally began in 1954 by French archaeologist Maurice Dunand. Ceramic ware finds at Amrit indicated the site had been inhabited as early as the third millennium BCE. Middle and Late Bronze Age "silo tombs" were also excavated, with contents ranging from weapons to original human remains. Excavations at the necropolis south of the town yielded several tomb structures. The funeral art found in some tombs with pyramidal-or cube-shaped towers, is considered some of "the most notable grave-monuments of the Phoenician world." Excavations also uncovered the town's ancient harbor, and a U-shaped stadium that dates back to the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE and measures around 230 metres (750 ft) in length.
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34.838830, 35.907126 === 34.838830 N, 35.907126 E === 34° 50' 19.8" N, 35° 54' 25.7" E
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Gubla, Kepen, Byblos, circa 83.5 km (51.9 mi) south
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